Choosing food for your function can be a daunting task! so, to make life a little easier we’ve compiled a list of some important considerations when choosing your menu.

1. How would you describe your guests?
think about who you have invited… what do they like? how old are they? what is the purpose of your function? if the majority of your guest list is made up of health-conscious, dairy free, vegans we wouldn’t suggest our baby cakes mixed hamper (although perfect for an afternoon tea), our veg, grain, kale and quinoa sharing salad on the other hand, is sure to be a winner. likewise, if your event is about networking then choose smaller food items that are easier to digest mid-conversation.

Fortunately, we’ve done our homework so egg’s food is designed for all types of functions, guests and food size requirements!  choose from our one or three bites options (see pic below), along with our vegan, gluten and nut free menus.

2. What time of day is the function?
Are you starting early with a breakfast or perhaps a pre-dinner drink? this may be obvious but no one really wants to have a brekkie yoghurt with a glass of red! once you determine your time of day it is very easy to narrow down your food decisions.

To make life a little easier we have pre-selected menus to suit all times of day from breakfast, morning & afternoon teas, lunches and cocktail parties. there is also the option to select items to accompany a package (our cheese and fruit platters are always popular).

3. How many guests and how long are they staying?
If you are going for the marathon event, it’s important to remember you will need more food over the time. perhaps a few small nibbles to start, then something more substantial followed by a little sweet something. of course, if you’re only doing a pre-dinner drink function you will not be needing such large amounts of food.

All our party packages have been designed with this in mind. choose food by the pieces, function duration and guest numbers.

4. What is the season?
The food we eat is always more enjoyable when suitable for the season. a cold winters evening is not always the time your guests will be craving a salad. likewise, a soup in the middle of summer is never a popular choice.

Our menus include a variety of hot, cold and seasonal food items.  egg’s winter favourite, the hightin pies – mexican black bean  pork and veal polpette or pulled lamb and fetta.

5. What is your space?
Where will your function be held? what facilities and equipment do you have? what are you prepared to do pre and post the function?

When ordering with egg all your food will arrive beautifully boxed so all you need to do is open the lid (cutlery and serviettes also provided). we will also deliver your hot food in foil trays, so a few moments in the oven and you’re good to serve! on the other hand, if you do want to order for the masses and would prefer to use your own platters we can deliver in large pizza boxes.