When it comes to corporate catering, there are so many delicious options out there for you to choose from. Particularly in Melbourne, where food is king and corporate catering is no exception. 

And with so much (delicious) choice, it can be overwhelming choosing what’s best for you and your guests. Especially when you’ve been given the somewhat daunting task of catering for the most important corporate meal of the day: morning tea

At Egg Unlimited, we’ve put together a list of our top five morning tea corporate catering options. Perfect for long meetings, office events, or perhaps a little workplace get together (there’s still time to celebrate EOFY).

How Do I Know What To Buy?

Your corporate catering decisions will have numerous contributing factors. Perhaps you have a few staff members who have dietary requirements and are gluten-free, or maybe you’d like to throw in a couple of plant-based options. It’s important to have an understanding of who you’re catering for, and the time of the event that you’re holding. Perhaps it’s more casual and you’ll opt for individual lunchboxes, or maybe you’re after a breakfast hamper to impress clients. 

We’re only one phone call away, and always happy to help you with choosing what works best for you and your event. Whether you have concerns about the number of people, your budget, or where to begin–we’re here to have a chat.

Here’s Our Top Five Morning Tea Corporate Catering Ideas

1. Smoked Salmon Bagels
There’s no better way to kick-start your morning than with a freshly made smoked salmon bagel. A classic–not to mention delicious–choice for corporate morning teas, with a variety of fillings to choose from, too.

2. Savoury Muffins
A savoury muffin filled with pumpkin and goat’s cheese is a crowd pleaser at any corporate event. For those who’ve been hanging out for morning tea all day, this is the perfect little filler to get you through those big afternoon meetings.

3. Crumpets
An Egg Unlimited favourite, delicious little crumpets are a go-to for corporate events. You might even like to organise an array of sweet or savoury toppings so that your guests can make their own little morning tea treat.

4. Smashed avocado baguette
Let’s face it, you can’t host a morning tea event in Melbourne with a little avocado. Our team of bakers are up at the crack of dawn baking fresh bread on the daily. A little smashed avocado and pumpkin seed baguette is definite winner for morning teas and lunchtime events alike.

5. Bliss Balls Hamper
You can’t go wrong with a healthy little sweet treat–bliss balls are a definite winner at morning tea time. Our bliss balls are vegan-friendly too, perfect if you’re catering for dietary requirements at a big event.

Still unsure about what your soiree or corporate meeting needs? Why not take a little look at our menu.

in the blink of an eye, we’ve come to the end of summer. it’s a bittersweet farewell in the egg unlimited kitchen. whilst we’re sad to say good-bye to longer days and cocktail parties in the sun, we’re a little bit excited to be settling into cosy autumn days, with a beautiful selection of seasonal canapés available.

this autumn, we’re thinking warm healthy canapés, sharing hampers & platters for get together’s with our friends and family, all of which are on par with the latest in corporate catering trends across melbourne. three months into the year, and we’re starting to notice a few standouts options and ‘must-haves’ for your next office-do, cocktail party, or get together with friends and family.

luckily, egg unlimited caters for all, which makes us your go-to option for corporate catering in melbourne, as well as our variety of canapés & menu of finger food. here’s a list of catering trends to keep an eye on in 2019:

eco-friendly & biodegradable

whether you’re health conscious or environmentally conscious: times are changing. often we notice when hosting or catering for an event, that the wastage of indisposable cutlery and utensils can be greatly underestimated, having a dire impact on the environment.

at egg unlimited, we’re constantly working to make our services the best they can be, whilst remaining conscious of the footprint we leave behind. that’s why we’ve worked tirelessly to produce 100% recyclable egg unlimited catering boxes, which safely hold all of your little sweet & savoury goodies. oh, and did we mention that they look fabulous too? simply take the lid off and serve!

platters, platters, platters!

there’s no easier way to make a statement at your next event or office meeting than with a beautiful and carefully curated platter. with a mixture of hand-made sweet & savoury finger food options, a hamper or a platter never goes astray.

even better, egg unlimited has hampers & packages for every hour of the day and occasion. breakfast hampers, lunchtime hampers, even special little dessert packages: let us take the stress out of curating an elegant platter.

healthy meals & variety

it’s no secret that we live in a highly health-conscious society. we want the freshest and the best tasting, not to mention the healthiest options, as well as a variety of options that cater to dietary requirements and needs.

healthy and delicious salads, as well as healthy desserts and savoury canapés are all the rage in 2019. which is why the team at egg unlimited have worked tirelessly to create an extensive, delicious and healthy menu with vegan-friendly options and healthy alternatives to catering classics.

our beautifully curated menu is not only transeasonal & on-trend, but takes the hassle out of event planning with an easy-to-operate (and choose) menu that offers something for everyone. whether you’re vegetarian, vegan, or after a healthy yet delicious alternative, our variety of canapés is sure to have something for everyone.

the best part about all these little goodies? they’re available all year round! you can order them on our website, and keep up to date with all that’s happening at egg unlimited on our Instagram and Facebook pages too.

it’s no secret that we’re all about celebrating special occasions of all kinds here in the egg unlimited kitchen. whether it be a family get-together, a birthday for a colleague, or you’re just treating yourself: we recognise any and every festive occasion, and know that you’ll need the accompaniment of sweet or savoury finger food options always.

at egg unlimited, we especially love spreadin’ the love! that’s why we’ve put together a list of staff favourites for this year’s valentine’s day festivities. your choice of finger food catering can leave a memorable impression on your guests, or even win the heart of a special someone. so, without further adieu– this valentine’s day, we recommend the following little goodies from our menu.

to start:

  • refreshing little rice paper rolls (your choice of prawn, peking duck or vegetarian).
  • hot little jaffles with gooey gruyere cheese and bechamel sauce.
  • classic salmon bagels, with cream cheese and capers (how could you go wrong?!)

now, time to round off that date with a fantastic savoury offering, leaving a lasting impression:

  • our share box for two: this little beauty has everything your heart could desire for valentine’s day. perfect for a romantic picnic or two. everything you need from start to finish.
  • fresh and delicious cauliflower and carrot salad, the perfect little addition for every celebration.

finally, nothing says ‘i love you’ like a decadent little sweet treat does. lucky for you, we have plenty to choose from. here’s a list of our v-day favourites:

  • mini make-your-heart-sing red velvet cakes. it doesn’t get more romantic than a little red velvet delight.
  • our cheese platter for two. an elegant classic, you can’t go wrong with this beauty.
  • classic jam (or custard) filled hot doughnuts. deep-fried to your delight, with a gooey filling that’ll melt your heart.

the best part about all these little goodies? they’re available all year round! you can order them on our website, and keep up to date with all that’s happening at egg unlimited on our Instagram and Facebook pages too.

we hope you spread the love this valentine’s day!

Looking to impress at your next meeting? Wanting to leave a lasting impression on your guests as you host the cocktail party of the year? don’t panic: egg unlimited is here to make your corporate catering easy and stress-free.

When it comes to hosting or planning for an event, your brain will be working at a million miles per hour, ensuring that you don’t forget dietary requirements, the number of guests, and of course choosing food that compliments the theme of your event and showcases the best you have to offer.

Whilst it may seem daunting at first, organisation (and lists like these) are perfect for helping you plan a stress-free and fabulous event.

When it comes to corporate catering, before you even begin to browse any menus or jump into ordering, you must always consider the following:

  • How many people are attending? Is it a small get together, or is it 50 of your closest friends popping around for a casual cocktail party? These numbers can make a world of difference to what you order and how much you order.
  • What type of event is it? Do you require food that’s easy to eat on the go, or is it more of a sit-down situation that would be better suited to large share platters? Decisions, decisions, decisions!
  • On that note: when is the event? Breakfast, lunch, late afternoon, dinner? This will help to narrow down your food offering, and will also help you to assess how long the event will run for… it’s all coming together now!
  • Finally, you must always consider your budget, how are you planning to feed everyone, and what will be the easiest to manage, as well as fill the stomachs of all your guests.

Once you’ve sorted out the logistics, now it’s time for the fun part: planning the event! At egg unlimited, we know what makes and breaks an event that requires corporate catering. Here are a few pointers from the egg unlimited kitchen, which will guarantee that your event is a success:

  • Choose food options that are easy to eat, as well as delicious. Luckily, egg unlimited has you covered for corporate catering, whether it’s a long lunch or canape-style.
  • Always cater for dietary requirements, whether they’ve been outlined or not: always be conscious of your guests.
  • Provide plenty of food and drink to keep guests happy, full & hydrated of course!
  • Consider your corporate catering style: lunchboxes, salads, or BBQ? Run with what will best compliment the theme of your event.

Now that you’re well rehearsed in hosting and planning events, head over to egg unlimited’s online store and have a browse at our fantastic corporate catering offerings, right here in Melbourne. It’s easy to order: simply shop online and we’ll deliver straight to your door!

A friendly little reminder that all food requires 48hrs notice, and must be ordered before 12pm.

lots of love,

egg x

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