in the blink of an eye, we’ve come to the end of summer. it’s a bittersweet farewell in the egg unlimited kitchen. whilst we’re sad to say good-bye to longer days and cocktail parties in the sun, we’re a little bit excited to be settling into cosy autumn days, with a beautiful selection of seasonal canapés available.

this autumn, we’re thinking warm healthy canapés, sharing hampers & platters for get together’s with our friends and family, all of which are on par with the latest in corporate catering trends across melbourne. three months into the year, and we’re starting to notice a few standouts options and ‘must-haves’ for your next office-do, cocktail party, or get together with friends and family.

luckily, egg unlimited caters for all, which makes us your go-to option for corporate catering in melbourne, as well as our variety of canapés & menu of finger food. here’s a list of catering trends to keep an eye on in 2019:

eco-friendly & biodegradable

whether you’re health conscious or environmentally conscious: times are changing. often we notice when hosting or catering for an event, that the wastage of indisposable cutlery and utensils can be greatly underestimated, having a dire impact on the environment.

at egg unlimited, we’re constantly working to make our services the best they can be, whilst remaining conscious of the footprint we leave behind. that’s why we’ve worked tirelessly to produce 100% recyclable egg unlimited catering boxes, which safely hold all of your little sweet & savoury goodies. oh, and did we mention that they look fabulous too? simply take the lid off and serve!

platters, platters, platters!

there’s no easier way to make a statement at your next event or office meeting than with a beautiful and carefully curated platter. with a mixture of hand-made sweet & savoury finger food options, a hamper or a platter never goes astray.

even better, egg unlimited has hampers & packages for every hour of the day and occasion. breakfast hampers, lunchtime hampers, even special little dessert packages: let us take the stress out of curating an elegant platter.

healthy meals & variety

it’s no secret that we live in a highly health-conscious society. we want the freshest and the best tasting, not to mention the healthiest options, as well as a variety of options that cater to dietary requirements and needs.

healthy and delicious salads, as well as healthy desserts and savoury canapés are all the rage in 2019. which is why the team at egg unlimited have worked tirelessly to create an extensive, delicious and healthy menu with vegan-friendly options and healthy alternatives to catering classics.

our beautifully curated menu is not only transeasonal & on-trend, but takes the hassle out of event planning with an easy-to-operate (and choose) menu that offers something for everyone. whether you’re vegetarian, vegan, or after a healthy yet delicious alternative, our variety of canapés is sure to have something for everyone.

the best part about all these little goodies? they’re available all year round! you can order them on our website, and keep up to date with all that’s happening at egg unlimited on our Instagram and Facebook pages too.

Looking to impress at your next meeting? Wanting to leave a lasting impression on your guests as you host the cocktail party of the year? don’t panic: egg unlimited is here to make your corporate catering easy and stress-free.

When it comes to hosting or planning for an event, your brain will be working at a million miles per hour, ensuring that you don’t forget dietary requirements, the number of guests, and of course choosing food that compliments the theme of your event and showcases the best you have to offer.

Whilst it may seem daunting at first, organisation (and lists like these) are perfect for helping you plan a stress-free and fabulous event.

When it comes to corporate catering, before you even begin to browse any menus or jump into ordering, you must always consider the following:

  • How many people are attending? Is it a small get together, or is it 50 of your closest friends popping around for a casual cocktail party? These numbers can make a world of difference to what you order and how much you order.
  • What type of event is it? Do you require food that’s easy to eat on the go, or is it more of a sit-down situation that would be better suited to large share platters? Decisions, decisions, decisions!
  • On that note: when is the event? Breakfast, lunch, late afternoon, dinner? This will help to narrow down your food offering, and will also help you to assess how long the event will run for… it’s all coming together now!
  • Finally, you must always consider your budget, how are you planning to feed everyone, and what will be the easiest to manage, as well as fill the stomachs of all your guests.

Once you’ve sorted out the logistics, now it’s time for the fun part: planning the event! At egg unlimited, we know what makes and breaks an event that requires corporate catering. Here are a few pointers from the egg unlimited kitchen, which will guarantee that your event is a success:

  • Choose food options that are easy to eat, as well as delicious. Luckily, egg unlimited has you covered for corporate catering, whether it’s a long lunch or canape-style.
  • Always cater for dietary requirements, whether they’ve been outlined or not: always be conscious of your guests.
  • Provide plenty of food and drink to keep guests happy, full & hydrated of course!
  • Consider your corporate catering style: lunchboxes, salads, or BBQ? Run with what will best compliment the theme of your event.

Now that you’re well rehearsed in hosting and planning events, head over to egg unlimited’s online store and have a browse at our fantastic corporate catering offerings, right here in Melbourne. It’s easy to order: simply shop online and we’ll deliver straight to your door!

A friendly little reminder that all food requires 48hrs notice, and must be ordered before 12pm.

lots of love,

egg x

Our tips for hosting your next summertime event.

At egg unlimited, it’s no secret that we love a celebration, no matter the occasion! We love hosting, attending and catering for all kinds of festivities and get togethers. It’s safe to say, we’ve learnt a trick or two when it comes to hosting a stellar event.

As the saying goes, practice makes perfect.When it comes to hosting parties or gatherings with friends and family, tips & tricks passed between friends, family and colleagues can be pearls of wisdom when striving to host a memorable event for your guests.

At egg unlimited, we follow a set of rules that equate to hosting a stress-free and fantastic event, no matter the occasion! These are our top tips and tricks when it comes to party planning:


This is our number one party tip across the board. It pays to be organised, and you’ll thank yourself later. Organisation will eliminate stress on the day, and will give you peace of mind in the long run. By being organised in advance, you’ll be able to assess whether you need extra chairs, spare plates, food options… the list goes on! Lucky you’re prepared.


To put it bluntly, there’s no point in hosting a BBQ event for your vegetarian friends. Knowing your guests and what they’ll eat is the core of your event, especially if it’s one that circulates around food. If hosting a large event, we feel it’s best to ask in the initial invitation if there are any dietary requirements for your guests. Often, we like to maintain a balance of foods we prepare for our event in order to cater for all of our guests.


Coming into summertime, there’s beautiful seasonal fruit to be used! Mangoes, strawberries, tomatoes- the possibilities are endless! A summertime get together calls for refreshing and light food that delivers on flavour. Assess your options and set a recurring theme throughout the cuisine you offer- will it be Mediterranean or Italian? The possibilities are endless!


We know the sayings, “better late than never” or “fashionably late”, but if you’re attending an event that is catered for, we recommend arriving on time. Why? The event hosts have estimated the number of people attending, so the food will most likely be limited to catering for exactly those numbers… the chances of leftovers for late arrivals could be low. Don’t miss out!


This is your chance to create the perfect atmosphere for your event! Presentation and a visually pleasing aesthetic can elevate your event, making it a memorable experience for your guests. From platters to the table settings, there’s no limit on how you decorate your next get together.

We have to say, our above all party planning and hosting tip, is to remember to have fun! Remember to enjoy the company of your lovely guests as you celebrate with delicious food, and a bottle of Champagne or two.

As we draw closer to the end of 2018, our calendars start to fill up at a rapid pace. The air is warmer, and there’s an excited buzz around the prospect of Summer holidays quickly approaching… And we all know that there’s no better time than Summer to host a get together with friends and family.

When hosting an event, most of us would say that we are meticulously organised- We’ve planned every little detail, even down to cocktail napkin placement. Soon enough, the day has finally arrived. Guests have RSVP’d, the food is ready, and the drinks station is fully stocked and ready to go. But, amongst the chaos and excitement, you then you realise: there aren’t enough platters for the food.

Some would say that a beautifully presented platter can become the pivotal eyepiece at any event. A stand-out platter not only boasts a selection of delicious food, but it’s also aesthetically pleasing and compliments the surroundings of your wonderfully decorated event. Organising platters alone can be stressful. Hiring platters makes you accountable at the end of the night, and buying new platters can become an expensive exercise.

Well, party planners: REJOICE! Egg Unlimited has thought of this extra stress, and have taken that weight off your shoulders. Our egg unlimited boxes are beautifully designed, and double up as easy and stylish platters for your next function or event. When ordering with egg unlimited, each lunchbox, hamper & sweet or savoury treat, is gently hand packed into sophisticated one-of-a-kind white boxes. Instant and beautiful platters, ready to be eaten straight away!

The beauty in it all? Simply take the lid off, and they’re good to go! You can even create tiers by simply stacking the lids underneath the boxes, creating a simple yet eye-catching presentation for your lovely guests. Easier than platters, far less cleaning at the end of the night, and they look damn good. We also offer biodegradable packaging, as we are environmentally conscious, and want to make the entire process easier and gentler on everyone as well as the world around us. 

At Egg Unlimited, we like to keep things simple, little and beautiful.

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It’s finally here. For some of us, it feels as if we’ve waited a lifetime for this year’s Spring Racing Carnival to roll around. Nevertheless, we’re ready for some warmer weather, and a chance to dig into our Spring Racing Lunchboxes!

Whether you’re donning your best black and whites for Derby Day, or you’re on the rails of the always-thrilling Melbourne Cup- there’s nothing quite like the vibrant atmosphere of the races.

It comes as no surprise that a day at the races can be exhausting for some. At Egg, we’re ensuring that this year, we’ve got the three essentials organised:

  • Sunscreen
  • Water
  • Bandaids (no matter what, those blisters will find you).

Yes, you will be hungry, and the hustle and bustle of the races can make sourcing out food a challenge in itself. Whilst a vibrant and delicious array is always available, why not take the stress out of the hunt, and have Egg make lunch for you? Plus, the best way to sustain energy and keep on keepin’ on… is food!

This Spring Racing season, Egg has created an variety of lunchboxes at the ready! From breakfasts to cheese, pairs of 2 or groups of 10- we’ve got it all. Our bite-size delicacies are made from the highest quality ingredients, all individually prepared with love and expertise in our kitchen. Everything is made by hand, that’s the level of finesse we go to in order to ensure that every single mouthful is perfect!

We’ve put together a range of lunchboxes to help you through the day:

Hosting your own event at home to celebrate the racing season? Check out our blog post here on how to host your own luxurious Melbourne Cup event in your own home or workplace.

Remember, a little bit of fun never hurt anyone! So, dress up, have a drink, bet big… and indulge in a little sweetie with us! Simply place your orders with us online today, happy racing!

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the end of the year is quickly approaching us, which means that the melbourne cup is just around the corner. there are very few occasions throughout the year where you can take a break in the middle of the day, sip on champagne, place some bets and watch a race. you could be either huddled around a tv screen doing this or, live at flemington. the melbourne cup is always fun from near or far and the team at egg can help you get the most out of the best day of the year.

have you considered hosting your own melbourne cup celebrations at the office or from home? we have tips that you help you have a lovely little day.

we all know that the melbourne cup is generally a day that involves a lot of booze, and we all know what the best cure for that is…. food! egg suggest serving some nibbles so that guests are still standing by the afternoon! as melbourne cup parties usually start quite early, finger foods for breakfast or lunch would be best fitted. book a hamper with us and to ease your worries on the day! we will even deliver it on serving platters all ready to go.

we recommend the following catering options for your melbourne cup event:

if you want to take your event to the next level we would recommend a stylist for those with a higher budget. the melbourne cup is a luxurious event and with the help of a stylist, you can create the same environment in your own home or workplace.

a little bit of fun never hurt nobody, be sure to place some bets and get competitive! you can do this by either using the TAB, or what we prefer, running a sweepstake with your group of friends or colleagues! for an added touch of fun, include some awards for the day such as best dressed.

having melbourne cup functions from home is an event that we are seeing more frequently each race season, we love it and are getting amongst it! simply order online today and have all of your worries looked after by our amazing team of bakers and chefs.

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if you want a luxury event without the expense, or simply enjoy planning your own parties, we are the perfect little people to chat to.

the way we do things at egg is a little bit modern, a little bit trendy, and a lot delicious – we can teach you how to have the best party in melbourne…

  1. hop over on to our online shop. have a browse through our range of yummy little nibbles. we have boxes and hampers available for breakfast, morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea. exclusive packages have been made especially for those of you having an office occasion. then we get to the fun stuff… egg offer party and celebration packages as well as canapé boxes!

yup… we really do have it all!

  1. it will take you a while, but when you have finally decided what gets your taste buds tingling, hit the order button, simple as that!
  2. let us know how and when you would like your little treats to arrive! we have stunning boxes that are made to both fit nicely into your fridge but also to function as a serving platter, take the lid off and hello hostess with the mostess.
  3. we love to help! if you are needing some little helpers, we are partnered with the best servers in the business – our boys and girls. let us know and we will sort you out with the most gorgeous waiters in Melbourne!
  4. enjoy! we won’t let anyone in on the secret the we helped you out 😉

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at egg unlimited we love an occasion, give us any reason to wine and dine and we’ll be there. we are a little excited that the winter season is nearly over and have already started prepping and planning for the silly season.

afl grand final – saturday 29th september

footy fanatic or not us melbournians are lucky enough to get a public holiday, lets use that to our advantage. not to mention, this is also our first chance to lap up the sun after months of cold, wet weather.

what’re we thinking? send the husband and the kids along to the game and host a “grand final feast”. invite the girlfriends over, if you’re feeling sporty you can chuck the television on in the background and enjoy some little canapes provided by your favourite team at egg unlimited.

get in the footy spirit and order our pulled lamb and feta pies 


wednesday 31 october

every year we see halloween parties become more and more popular. for both children’s birthdays and for adults looking for any excuse to have fun and dress up! we embrace this youthful occasion with absolute enthusiasm and cannot wait to see all of your events on instagram (don’t forget to tag us on your halloween pics @eggunlimited).

treat your halloween party goers to some of our beautiful baby cakes

get some halloween decor inspo from our favourite lady Chyka (hyperlink) 

moonlight cinema

starting november

what could possibly be more romantic than the outdoor cinemas at the royal botanical gardens during the warmer months? well, there is something slightly more romantic than that and that is, surprising your loved one at the moonlight cinema with an egg unlimited hamper. take the stress out of packing a picnic and impress your other half with our cheese hamper.

races season

melbourne cup carnival 3-10 november

caulfield cup carnival 13-20 october

we gotta admit it, out of the event line up in this blog, the races would have to be our fave! at the races we have to be classy, there is no doubt or question about it! and nothing screams class like a big sloppy cheeseburger from a food truck… kidding! don’t stop at wowing your friends with a beautiful fascinator and dress, continue to wow them with your beautiful egg unlimited lunch box. we have a variety of lunch box packages available that include our sandwiches, bagels, tarts and cakes.

to view more of egg’s delicious canapeshamperscorporate and event packages and so much more, visit us at

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choosing food for your function can be a daunting task! so, to make life a little easier we’ve compiled a list of some important considerations when choosing your menu.


1. how would you describe your guests?
think about who you have invited… what do they like? how old are they? what is the purpose of your function? if the majority of your guest list is made up of health-conscious, dairy free, vegans we wouldn’t suggest our baby cakes mixed hamper (although perfect for an afternoon tea), our veg, grain, kale and quinoa sharing salad on the other hand, is sure to be a winner. likewise, if your event is about networking then choose smaller food items that are easier to digest mid-conversation.

fortunately, we’ve done our homework so egg’s food is designed for all types of functions, guests and food size requirements!  choose from our one or three bites options (see pic below), along with our vegan, gluten and nut free menus.


egg’s signature smoked salmon bagel – served in one or three bites


2. what time of day is the function?
are you starting early with a breakfast or perhaps a pre-dinner drink? this may be obvious but no one really wants to have a brekkie yoghurt with a glass of red! once you determine your time of day it is very easy to narrow down your food decisions.

to make life a little easier we have pre-selected menus to suit all times of day from breakfast, morning & afternoon teas, lunches and cocktail parties. there is also the option to select items to accompany a package (our cheese and fruit platters are always popular).

egg’s breakfast package – ordered in various sizes
Package - Deluxe Breakfast

3. how many guests and how long are they staying?

if you are going for the marathon event, it’s important to remember you will need more food over the time. perhaps a few small nibbles to start, then something more substantial followed by a little sweet something. of course, if you’re only doing a pre-dinner drink function you will not be needing such large amounts of food.

all our party packages have been designed with this in mind. choose food by the pieces, function duration and guest numbers.


deluxe party cocktail package – for 25 – 30 | 3 – 4 hours | 240 pieces |
Package - Deluxe Cocktail


4. what is the season?
the food we eat is always more enjoyable when suitable for the season. a cold winters evening is not always the time your guests will be craving a salad. likewise, a soup in the middle of summer is never a popular choice.

our menus include a variety of hot, cold and seasonal food items.  egg’s winter favourite, the hightin pies – mexican black bean  pork and veal polpette or pulled lamb and fetta.


hightin pies – a perfect winters choice


5. what is your space?
where will your function be held? what facilities and equipment do you have? what are you prepared to do pre and post the function?

when ordering with egg all your food will arrive beautifully boxed so all you need to do is open the lid (cutlery and serviettes also provided). we will also deliver your hot food in foil trays, so a few moments in the oven and you’re good to serve! on the other hand, if you do want to order for the masses and would prefer to use your own platters we can deliver in large pizza boxes.


egg’s beautifully presented lunch boxLunchboxDeluxe1


to view more of egg’s delicious canapes, hampers, corporate and event packages and so much more, visit us at

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celebrate mum with a picnic in the park

gather the family & pack a basket full of egg & give mum the day off she deserves!


your mum works hard all year round so now it’s your turn to give her a mother’s day to remember!

having you there to celebrate is definitely the best gift of all… but if you’re after some more ideas egg is here to help.


pick a  location…

although melbourne’s weather can be unpredictable to say the least, when the sun does decide to shine we have a huge selection of beautiful parks & gardens to enjoy – so pack a picnic, nibble & sip… and hopefully bask in the sun all day long!


time out melbourne have put together a list of the best picnic spots in melbourne to help make your choice easier!

view list here 


now that you have the location sorted, it’s important to construct a check list with all the essentials (just so you don’t forget a single thing)…

a great app to store all lists is wunderlist – easy format & an easy way to tick things off as you go!


picnic check list 

  • picnic basket
  • blanket
  • cups & plates (egg will provide the plates)
  • utensils if needed (all egg orders come with cutlery)
  • serving utensils if needed (egg has your back with this too)
  • cutting knife
  • small cutting board
  • corkscrew & bottle opener
  • napkins (egg has this sorted)
  • paper towel
  • rubbish bag

menu ideas

this is where egg can help! you’ve already had enough to organise so leave the food prep to egg…

here are a few ideal picnic options that will surely please mum AND everyone else too!


a little savoury…

cheese hamper 


deluxe lunch package 


wellbeing cold hamper


veggie patch cold hamper 


veg & grains salad 


rice paper rolls (three fillings to choose from)


smashed avo baguettes 


classic chicken ribbon sandwiches 



a little sweet…

healthy muesli bites hamper 


working morning tea package 


baby cakes mixed hamper 1 


fruit hamper 



picnic playlist

once again spotify comes to the rescue!

no need to spend hours sorting out the perfect mother’s day picnic playlist… spotify has already put in the hard yards for you!

some picnic appropriate playlists…

picnic in the park 

picnic party 

picnic playlist 

greatest hits of all time 

the best of michael buble (for mum)


picnic games

perfect for pre & post food – keep the family entertained with some outdoor DYI games!

old-fashioned picnic games making a come back 

must-have picnic games 

outdoor games to rock the picnic 


now all that’s left is to have fun… and maybe a little gift to remind mum how great she is!

mother’s day gift ideas…

hard to find 


The Store

Red balloon 


p.s. egg is currently running a little competition! if you spend more than $200 for your mother’s day order, you’ll receive a bottle of victoria avenue prosecco 2017 (all beautifully boxed & delivered to your door!) 


to view more of egg’s delicious canapes, hampers, corporate and event packages and so much more, visit us at


like this article, and need inspiration planning an event of a different kind? check out ‘egg’s little guide to a great function’.


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