Egg Unlimited tips for hosting an event

Our tips for hosting your next summertime event.

At egg unlimited, it’s no secret that we love a celebration, no matter the occasion! We love hosting, attending and catering for all kinds of festivities and get togethers. It’s safe to say, we’ve learnt a trick or two when it comes to hosting a stellar event.

As the saying goes, practice makes perfect.When it comes to hosting parties or gatherings with friends and family, tips & tricks passed between friends, family and colleagues can be pearls of wisdom when striving to host a memorable event for your guests.

At egg unlimited, we follow a set of rules that equate to hosting a stress-free and fantastic event, no matter the occasion! These are our top tips and tricks when it comes to party planning:


This is our number one party tip across the board. It pays to be organised, and you’ll thank yourself later. Organisation will eliminate stress on the day, and will give you peace of mind in the long run. By being organised in advance, you’ll be able to assess whether you need extra chairs, spare plates, food options… the list goes on! Lucky you’re prepared.


To put it bluntly, there’s no point in hosting a BBQ event for your vegetarian friends. Knowing your guests and what they’ll eat is the core of your event, especially if it’s one that circulates around food. If hosting a large event, we feel it’s best to ask in the initial invitation if there are any dietary requirements for your guests. Often, we like to maintain a balance of foods we prepare for our event in order to cater for all of our guests.


Coming into summertime, there’s beautiful seasonal fruit to be used! Mangoes, strawberries, tomatoes- the possibilities are endless! A summertime get together calls for refreshing and light food that delivers on flavour. Assess your options and set a recurring theme throughout the cuisine you offer- will it be Mediterranean or Italian? The possibilities are endless!


We know the sayings, “better late than never” or “fashionably late”, but if you’re attending an event that is catered for, we recommend arriving on time. Why? The event hosts have estimated the number of people attending, so the food will most likely be limited to catering for exactly those numbers… the chances of leftovers for late arrivals could be low. Don’t miss out!


This is your chance to create the perfect atmosphere for your event! Presentation and a visually pleasing aesthetic can elevate your event, making it a memorable experience for your guests. From platters to the table settings, there’s no limit on how you decorate your next get together.

We have to say, our above all party planning and hosting tip, is to remember to have fun! Remember to enjoy the company of your lovely guests as you celebrate with delicious food, and a bottle of Champagne or two.

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