It’s no secret that we’re all about celebrating special occasions of all kinds here in the egg unlimited kitchen. whether it be a family get-together, a birthday for a colleague, or you’re just treating yourself: we recognise any and every festive occasion, and know that you’ll need the accompaniment of sweet or savoury finger food options always.

At egg unlimited, we especially love spreadin’ the love! that’s why we’ve put together a list of staff favourites for this year’s valentine’s day festivities. your choice of finger food catering can leave a memorable impression on your guests, or even win the heart of a special someone. so, without further adieu– this valentine’s day, we recommend the following little goodies from our menu.

To start:

  • Refreshing little rice paper rolls (your choice of prawn, peking duck or vegetarian).
  • Hot little jaffles with gooey gruyere cheese and bechamel sauce.
  • Classic salmon bagels, with cream cheese and capers (how could you go wrong?!)

now, time to round off that date with a fantastic savoury offering, leaving a lasting impression:

  • our share box for two: this little beauty has everything your heart could desire for valentine’s day. perfect for a romantic picnic or two. everything you need from start to finish.
  • fresh and delicious cauliflower and carrot salad, the perfect little addition for every celebration.

Finally, nothing says ‘i love you’ like a decadent little sweet treat does. lucky for you, we have plenty to choose from. here’s a list of our v-day favourites:

  • Mini make-your-heart-sing red velvet cakes. it doesn’t get more romantic than a little red velvet delight.
  • Our cheese platter for two. an elegant classic, you can’t go wrong with this beauty.
  • Classic jam (or custard) filled hot doughnuts. deep-fried to your delight, with a gooey filling that’ll melt your heart.