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Although I don’t eat them very often, I appreciate a great oyster. They were on my list of things to eat in Tasmania because they’re sourced locally and are said to be good quality.

It was only available on the final night, but it didn’t disappoint. You may find a few options for how they’re served, but most Australian restaurants offer at least two: Kilpatrick (i.e., as is, with a lemon slice on the side) and natural. They are also easy to make yourself.

Where are oysters Kilpatrick from?

It’s unclear where the dish originated, despite its popularity in Australia. Some stories claim that the alternative name of oysters, Kirkpatrick, was coined first in San Francisco. According to reports, the chef of the Palace Hotel gave them the title after the hotel manager.

Even if this story is true, likely, the stories were not new but just named.

No matter the origins, you will find these are delicious and simple.

What’s in the Kilpatrick Sauce?

This dish primarily comprises oysters, bacon, and Worcestershire sauce. However, the other ingredients can be varied. Some recipes include butter or barbecue sauce. Many Australian recipes include a little tabasco.

The easiest and most common method is to mix Worcestershire sauce (also known as tomato sauce in Australia) with ketchup. Both ingredients have a great flavor, and they work well with bacon.

It may seem that all the flavors would overwhelm the oysters, but they make an excellent match. The oyster flavor may not be as strong as it would be, but you can still appreciate its texture.

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This is an excellent introduction to oysters, especially if you’re unsure what they are. You can also enjoy other delicious flavors with them.

How to cook these oysters

There are a few ways to cook them. You can cook them on a grill/barbecue. You can cook them on the grill/barbecue for a few minutes. If you want to prevent them from falling over, you can scrunch some foil and rest them there.

You can also cook them under the grill or broiler. The oven will give you an evener cook, while you’ll want to keep a close eye on the broiler to ensure the toppings do not burn.

You would rest these items in rock salt for these cooking methods to keep them steady. You can also use foil scrunched into a ball as I did with my Oysters Rockefeller.

Pre-cooking bacon is a good idea, as you will want to ensure it is cooked all through. You don’t want your oysters to be dried out to get that done. Pre-cook the bacon, then mix the sauce and place both on top of your oysters. Serve after a quick boil.

The short video shows how the project comes together.

Serve these oysters Kilpatrick as an elegant and easy appetizer or with other sides to make a complete meal. The flavors are fantastic, and they come together quickly. It’s worth it to treat yourself soon.

Oysters Kilpatrick

This easy way to prepare oysters comes together quickly with bold, smokey flavors. Prep Time5minutes minsCook Time10minutes minsTotal Time10minutes minicourse: Appetizer/StarterCuisine: Australian Servings: 2 Author: Caroline’s Cooking Savings


Two tablespoons of tomato sauce (ketchup).

Two tablespoon Worcestershire sauce.

Two dashes tabasco (optional).

Three slices of smoked bacon (3 rashers of streaky bacon, approx. 3oz/90g).

Rock salt for cooking, depending on the method


Open the oysters and remove the top shell if they have not been shucked. Place the oyster into the cup-like bottom part of the oyster shell. If it is still attached, loosen it. Drain any excess liquid, and remove any shell/grit pieces that may have fallen into the opening.

Mix the Worcestershire sauce, Tabasco, and tomato ketchup (if you use it) together. Set aside.

Cut the bacon into thin, fine strips. If it is wide, cut larger pieces in half. Cook the bacon in a small skillet or frying pan (no need to add any extra fat) until it is crisp/brown and cooked.

To keep the oysters relatively level, place them on some scrunched-up foil or the container they came in if you own one. Place some rock salt on a baking tray or dish using an oven/broiler. Nestle the oysters into the salt for a level surface. You can also use scrunched-up foil.

Spread a small sauce on each oyster, then add a few slices of bacon. (The exact amount of each will depend on the size, but you should cover them well).

Broiler (overhead Grill)

Use a baking sheet or glass dish for broiler cooking. Pyrex and glass dishes can crack when heated directly. Use a broiler-safe dish (a baking tray works great). Place the baking sheet or oven dish under the preheated broiler for 4-6 minutes, until the sauce sizzles and the bacon slightly crisps. You don’t want to burn the toppings, but you do want them to caramelize.

Grill/BBQ cooking

Place the oysters onto a grill with a pre-head (medium heat) if needed. Use the grates to keep the oysters level. You can also place some foil scrunched under the oysters. Cook the oysters for 3-5 minutes, covered. Be careful not to overcook them.

For oven cooking

Preheat the oven to 400F/200C. Place the oysters and sauce in an oven dish for 5-10 minutes, until the sauce bubbles up and the bacon is slightly crispy.

All – Serving

Serve the oysters with lemon slices on the side once they are cooked. You can serve the oysters on rock salt or unique dishes to keep them flat.