Pickling, invented centuries ago as a method to preserve food, is a science and craft practiced worldwide, and with good reason. One bite of these crispy sweet, salty, tangy, and subtly sweet Japanese pickled cucumbers is an excellent argument to add pickles to your meals.

There’s something in the combination of vinegar, cucumber, salt, and spices that makes a delicious explosion within your mouth. Pickles are the perfect accompaniment to sandwiches, burgers, and hot dogs. They add flavor to salads and can be perfect snacks alone.

And the best part is that by making the pickles yourself, you have complete control of the process and can create fresher and more delicious flavors customized to your preferences, with only a handful of ingredients and sometimes make the perfect pickles right at your home.

Whether you’re a devoted pickle lover or simply dipping your toes in the enchanting world of pickles, this version of Asian cucumbers picked from the brand new Cookbook The Plant-Based Cookbook by Alexander Gershberg should be a necessity within your home! They’re a great addition to any snack or meal and will spark your day.

Why You’ll Love This Japanese Pickled Cucumber Recipe

If you’ve ever wanted the crunch of a delicious pickle, you’ll quickly understand the appeal of this foolproof formula.

Simple and quick. The beauty of the quick pickled cucumber is that you won’t be stuck with no condiments on the table. If you don’t wait until the last moment, the fresh pickles will be ready for consumption within one hour.

Minimal ingredients. Pick up a few fresh ingredients and pantry staples, and you’ll have everything you require!

Mixes well with all kinds of things. While these bold flavors are influenced by Japanese food, they taste fantastic with almost everything. The best tacos and Bloody Marys and many other things with the same success.

Versatile. Cucumbers aren’t all vegetables that sparkle in brines like this. Click here for more suggestions for what you can pickle the next time.

Key Ingredients

Because it’s the main attraction, choosing the freshest, most firm cucumber for the best outcomes is crucial. Choose a long, solitary English cucumber, as the common garden varieties tend to be softer and more water-based. Less pliable.

It is essential to use non-iodized, plain sea salt to make pickles at home. To ensure that the salt is free of iodized flowing, you can add anti-caking substances that could cause the pickling liquid to become cloudy.

Ginger Ginger that has matured that you can find in traditional American supermarkets must be removed, as the skin is exceptionally thick. It is also a young Japanese ginger, referred to by the Japanese term yoga. , A minor skin, entirely edible characterize it and can be in its original form.

Soy sauce Salt is a crucial ingredient in any pickle. However, you can also use “lite” soy sauce to maintain sodium levels.

Rice vinegar mild and lightly acidic rice vinegar gives an unassuming tangy flavor without obscuring the more delicate flavor of the vegetable itself.

Maple syrup is a sweetener that doesn’t require refined sugar when you invite maple syrup to your party. It can be removed or substituted by a stevia extract to eliminate sugar.

Red chili: These are similar to fresh cayenne peppers and can be utilized in any recipe to add spice without altering the flavor of the original. If you cannot locate any, jalapenos can be an excellent substitute.

Sesame oil It takes only one tiny drop of toasted sesame oil to give incredible depth and flavor to any dish. The earthy, nutty flavor complements the salty and spicy tastes perfectly.

How To Make Pickled Cucumber

Cucumbers are among the most simple vegetable to pickle. If you’ve never pickled before, don’t worry! Here’s how to take it:

Then, cut the cucumber lengthwise. Use the spoon to remove the seeds that are large and watery. After deseeding, cut the cucumber into bite-sized pieces, around 1 inch in diameter, ensuring they’re as even as possible.

In a bowl, mix the cucumber with salt. Let it sit for 30 minutes. This will help draw out any excess moisture and provide the cucumber with a delicious crunch. Afterward, it would be best if you gave the cucumber an intense squeeze to let out any water. Then, discard any excess liquid.

Then, we’ll get to the fun part of the marinade. In a glass jar with a lid, put the slices of cucumber ginger, sauce, soya sugar, syrup of maple chili (or jalapeno, based on how spicy you’d like), and sesame oil. Give the container a good shake to cover everything, then set it on your countertop at room temperature, allowing it to marinate for at least 30 mins or even overnight. If you can serve your cucumbers marinated to perfection, keep them in the refrigerator, where they’ll keep for a week or more. Serve them for a delicious snack, or mix them into your favorite sandwich to give it an explosion of flavor. Enjoy!

More Easy Cucumber Recipes

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Japanese Pickled Cucumber

Author: Alexander Gershberg 5 from 6 votes Nothing can satisfy my desire for marinated or pickled cucumbers. I tried a variety of variations of this recipe, and they all tasted delicious, so it was difficult to pick one to give away. The formula was easy to prepare and and is bursting with delicious flavor. It’s crunchy and spicy, has stunning Asian flavors, and it will make your mouth drool. I’m sure you will not be able to think of anything else if you have a container from these inside your kitchen other than to think about the cucumbers.


Cut longwise the cukes. Utilize the cukes longwise ape away the seeds and the core. After the cucumber is deseeded, cut it into bite-sized 1/2-1 inch pieces.

In a bowl in a bowl, mix the cucumber and salt. Set the bowl aside to rest for thirty minutes. After 30 minutes, using your hands, forcefully squeeze out the water from the cucumber, then discard the water.

In a glass jar with a lid (such as a 16-oz mason jar), put the slices of cucumber and ginger, rice vinegar, soy sauce, chili (or jalapeno), and sesame oil. Screw the lid on, shake the contents to mix, coat entirely it contaithoroughlyhen place it on the counter at room temperature to marinate for a minimum of 30 minutes (or overnight).

After marinating, please place them in the refrigerator, to remain fresh for at least one week.