Lunch Box 2

Box for 1 | Available Gluten Free & Vegan

Our delicious Wellbeing lunch box is filled with ingredients that will benefit your health & vitality

Our Regular lunchbox includes

  • Capeseed baguette | citrus poached chicken, walnuts & parsley
  • Kale & Quinoa Super Salad | carrot, avocado, coriander, roasted capsicum, quinoa, corn, black rice, kale, tomato, pepitas, goji berries & lemon oil
  • Raw chocolate brownie
  • Fresh fruit

Our Gluten Free lunch box replaces the baguette with gluten free bread

Our Vegan lunchbox replaces the baguette filling with smashed avocado, pepitas & kale

Our Gluten Free & Vegan lunch box replaces the baguette with vegan gluten free bread