As the summer school holidays are ending in Australia, I am focusing on filling my freezers with tasty lunchbox-friendly treats. My newest recipe is these Savoury Muffins. They are ideal for lunchboxes. These muffins are packed with four different vegetables and are easy to adapt. You can use the same base recipe to create your own veggie muffins that suit your child.

My lunchbox ideas come from foods I made for my son as a toddler. I was looking for excellent hand food to take with me when I went out. My favorites included Sweet & Sour Quinoa Bites Curried Lentil bake Mini Blender muffins and Micro Blender Muffins.

When I was doing baby-led weaning, these Savoury Muffins were perfect. You can reduce the amount of sodium by adding less cheese to the mix. The cheese is only there to add flavor.

These muffins can be used for various purposes, including baby-led weaning or the lunchbox. These muffins are a great breakfast, snack, or lunch option for adults and children.

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How to make delicious, light and fluffy vegetable muffins.

Squeeze out all the juices from the grated zucchini and carrots . This is done by squeezing the grated veggies onto a tea towel. The muffins were too moist when I made them without this step. Note: You can use the juice in sauces and smoothies. Don’t waste all the goodness!

Do not overmix the mixture. Refrain from over-stirring or beating the batter. This will make your muffins tough. The final mixture should be thick, lumpy and messy. The wooden spoon should be used for only 10 strokes.

Do not skimp on vegetables. If one of your children doesn’t enjoy a particular vegetable, do not just leave it out. You can add more of the other veggies or substitute it with another one. The muffins taste so much better when adding a little vegetable to each bite.

Butter the muffin pan generously before adding the batter. I’ve baked them both with and without muffin cases. I got better results with or without the cases. I often found that the muffins would stick to the cases, but it is easy to remove if you grease the pan well and use a non-stick pan. If you prefer paper muffin cups, I recommend spraying them with oil before adding the batter. You could also use silicon muffin cases.

Watch the baking time. If you take the muffins from the oven too early, they will still be uncooked and sticky. You can dry out muffins if you bake them for too long. It would be best if you still baked the muffins according to the recipe but tested them with a skewer a few minutes before they are done. If they are done, the skewer should come out clean.

How to best store Savoury Muffins

You should store your savory muffins properly if you’ve taken the time to prepare them. This can significantly impact the texture and shelf life of your vegetable muffin. Here are some of my top tips on how to store muffins.

Cool your muffins completely using a wire rack

It is essential to let your muffins cool before storing them. Allow your savory savory to cool in the muffin tray for 5-7 minutes. You don’t want to leave them in the pan for too long as they will become soggy. They should be firm and ready to be transferred to a wire rack.

After placing the muffins on the cooling rack, they should be allowed to cool completely before storing. If you keep the muffins while they are still warm, it will cause condensation or soggy.

Determine how long you will store your muffins and where.

If you want to keep savory muffins long, I recommend freezing them. To maintain the best quality, wrap each muffin in foil or clingfilm and place them into ziplock bags.

Reheat them by removing them from the freezer and placing them back into the muffin pan. Reheat them at 170c/350f for a few minutes until they are heated through. You can also thaw them and then reheat in the microwave.