Comfort food is crucial in the face of the things life can throw our way. Plus, it’s better if it’s made with simple ingredients that are easy to locate and isn’t a time-consuming task to prepare! Gigi Hadid posted an excellent Spicy Vodka Pasta on Instagram and it’s comfort food. It’s creamy and rich with the perfect spicy tomato flavor; it’s served over an array of carb-based pasta. This recipe meets many criteria to be a comfort meal. The recipes are broken into a few easy steps, and it is a fantastic recipe for the novice cook to try out or for a veteran cook to make quickly.


Heat the olive oil oven on medium-high temperature in a large pot in a large saucepan. Add garlic, olive oil, and shallots or onions. Cook, stirring frequently, until the shallots soften and caramelize.

Add tomato paste and season with pepper and salt. The tomato paste should simmer within the fat until it turns from bright red to a dark brick hue (about 2 mins).

Pour in the vodka, and then wait about 1-2 minutes so that the alcohol has evaporated. While you wait for it to disappear, you can deglaze the pan using the vodka. Deglazing requires using liquid to break up any food particles stuck at the base of your pan. Scraping the particles using a spatula or spoon is possible, resulting in an even more delicious sauce. (Please check the notes on vodka substitutes)

Incorporate some heavy cream as well as red chili powder. If there are different tolerance levels, Red chili flakes can be added and adapted to the individual’s needs at the close.

Stir sauce on and off until it is thoroughly well-combined, then take it off the heat and put aside.

Prepare a large saucepan of salted water to a simmer. Cook the pasta and drain it 1 minute before the time specified in the instructions on the package. Keep about a half 1 cup of pasta liquid.

W carefully put the pasta in the vodka pan on medium-low heat and add the butter. Make sure the butter melts before giving the pasta a thorough stir.

Incorporate the pasta water you have reserved in small amounts at a moment until it’s the right consistency. The aim is to let the sauce loosen a little to cover your pasta. But not so excessively that it turns too watery.

Nutrition estimate

Calories: 870kcal. Carbohydrates Protein: Fat: 55g saturated fat: 20g Cholesterol: 91mg Potassium: 688mg Fiber: 5g Sugar: 8g Vitamin A 1781IU Vitamin C 8 mg Iron: 238mg calcium 3 mg Keyword: Gigi Hadid, spicy vodka pasta Did you try this recipe? Please rate this above!

It calls for shallots, which are an amalgamation of onion and garlic. They add a fantastic flavor. Sometimes, shallots are challenging to find, and if you cannot see them and are looking for white or yellow onions, they are a good choice in a pinch. Slice them thinly or cut them into pieces according to preferences. Whatever you decide to use, cook them until they’re translucent but not overly brown.

Make use of Tomato Paste that comes from a tube

Tomato paste is available in tubes and cans. This recipe will require a one-quarter cup of tomato paste to make it. Rather than opening a container and having left-over paste, we suggest using the one in tubes. It’s the same tomato sauce. However, you can also cap it and store it in the refrigerator for later use. Tomato paste appears bright red when it comes from a container or tube. It would be best to cook it until it starts to ‘toast’ and changes to a brownish red. The dark brown hue indicates that it’s caramelized, with all its flavor, and some sweetness will emerge from the sauce.

Vodka Alternatives

It will take just 1 Tablespoon of vodka to make this recipe. If you don’t own vodka, alternative alcohols can be used in a pinch, like white sherry or cooking. If you’re using alcohol, it is best to simmer this sauce so it has burned off a little. If you do not want to make use of alcohol, then you could take the sauce completely out or substitute one tablespoon of chicken stock.

Use Heavy Cream – Not Half and Half

This is a rich sauce that requires half a cup of heavy cream. Do not use half and half because it tends to curdle when combined with tomatoes in the sauce. To make this dish vegan, combine unsweetened/unflavored almond milk with two tablespoons of full-fat coconut milk to get a consistency similar to the heavy cream.

Chili Flakes are a Must

The recipe is dubbed Spicy Vodka Pasta, and the equivalent is one tablespoon of chili powder within the ingredients. If you want to use vodka sauce as it is, it is possible to cut out the chili flakes. However, we suggest, at the very least, a small amount for those who aren’t able to take all the spice. It’s a great way to enhance the taste of the food.

Pasta Water Tips

When you cook your pasta, you need to consider a couple of things: The less water you cook the pasta, the more starchy and spongy it will become. The thicker your sauce and the more water you’d like for cooking your pasta. It calls for 1/4 of pasta water. However, we suggest you reserve a half cup and slowly add it to mix the sauce and pasta. After you drain the pasta, you’ll never recover it, so keeping more in your pantry is better.

Butter and Alternatives

Butter is an excellent ingredient for everything; in this instance, it certainly can help. The tablespoon of butter after all the ingredients are mixed. It will help make the sauce more cohesive and give it that gorgeous shiny shine. If you’re looking for a vegan alternative, you can use the perfect buttery coconut butter or regular coconut oil will also work.

Season and Salt Your Pasta

Don’t be hesitant to spice up your pasta. Make sure to taste the pasta after it’s pulled together to determine the flavoring. You may still include salt and pepper or additional chili flakes in the final stages of the process if you feel it is necessary. If you’d like something smoky than the guest, you could always sprinkle more chili on your plate!

Final Touches

The recipe suggests adding basil and parmesan cheese; however, you can take them out or substitute the ingredients. The vodka-infused spicy sauce is a fantastic recipe for making delicious pasta for two people. If you include your favorite mix-ins like leaves of greens (such as kale or spinach) can be ideal for vegans and vegetarians. Even proteins like chicken or shrimp Can elevate the dish further or mix it up to have it on the table more frequently!

We fell in love with this recipe but found that these helpful tips will ensure a perfect outcome every time. Hope you enjoyed this!

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